Path of Frequencies

Path of Frequencies is a site-specific installation of steel tracks that responds to the architectural configuration of the museum, assembled to run through the entire exhibition space like a guided path. As each visitor enters the space, a sensor is activated and releases a ball on a string. The ball is then set in motion along a dynamic and meandering track, creating various tones as it collides with singing bowls dispersed throughout the space. Visitors are accompanied by a unique and continuous sound during their visit, experienced physically in the vibrations that the singing bowls produce. In addition, the emerging melody becomes a connecting element between visitors as they unconsciously make music together.

Year: 2013
Material: singing bowls, pedestals, powder-coated steel tracks, rope, balls, carrier, electrical motors, chain drive, sensors
Dimension variable

A Smile For You, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, SE, 2013
This Way, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, DE, 2015