Hexagonal Light

Three mirror-light-objects are suspended from the ceiling of the glazed lobby of Novo Nordisk’s North American Headquarter in Princeton. Each object is composed of coloured neon tubes attached to a mirror structure forming the core of the sculpture. The shape of the objects is derived from the molecule insulin as a reference to Novo Nordisk leadership in diabetes care.
By reflecting the surrounding space, the character of the area is repeated and multiplied through these mirror-light-objects. As the mirrors reflect the area as well as the light, an abstract space emerges with a broadened depth effect. Thus, the mirror-light objects are points of reference and attraction emphasizing the architectural situation with their bright light. At the same time they question the surrounding space by dissolving it in the reflection on the object’s surface.
Though the installation is more prominent by night, with its orange, blue and green light visibly illuminating the lobby from the exterior, its discreet appearance during the day is no less sensational, remaining unobtrusive to the daily flow of people. The transitory space becomes defined by the mirror light-objects yet retains its original identity below the elevated forms.

Year: 2013 - 2015
Materials: High polished stainless steel, stainless steel, motor unit, electric equipment, lighting systems
Dimensions: 3 objects (orange, blue, green), each ø 150 cm

Permanent installation at Novo Nordisk, Plainsboro, USA