Your Journey

With his installation YOUR JOURNEY Jeppe Hein has created an artwork, which envelops the connecting passage on the ground floor of Finger E at Copenhagen Airport.

The walls in front of the entrance to the passage are blue with white faces painted by Hein. Each face has an individualized expression of the artist's interpretation of various emotional states such as feeling good, strange, afraid, surprised, angry, happy or ready.

With this as a backdrop, five neon boxes, in the form of speech bubbles, are fixed to the wall displaying short sentences, such as EXPECT A MIRACLE  and YOU LOOK INTO MY HEART. The speech bubbles seem, just as the faces, to address passers-by directly.

In the passage itself, you are once again engulfed by Hein's universe of unique faces. Here, the white walls are painted with blue faces while the blue floor is covered with white faces, all of them silently asking "how are you today?".

In a multifaceted airport, the artwork allows individual reactions and reflections and inspires thoughts and emotions connected with traveling. A speech bubble declaring ON A JOURNEY TO MYSELF might thus be associated both to the physical travel as well as with an inner and personal journey.

Year: 2020

Dimensions: variable

Material: In situ watercolour (white faces on blue wall, blue faces on white wall), 5 neon box speech bubbles (YOU MAKE ME SMILE; ON A JOURNEY TO MYSELF; IN IS THE ONLY WAY OUT; YOU LOOK INTO MY HEART; EXPECT A MIRACLE), each: powder-coated aluminium, neon tubes, two-way mirror, powder-coated steel, transformers


Photos by David Stjernholm