Mirror Pavilion Neuer Kanzlerplatz Bonn

Three curved lines of freestanding, rhombic mirror columns intertwine to an accessible labyrinth. The height of the lamellae varies creating an ascending form and the circular concentric effect invites passersby to approach the artwork.

The rhombic shape of the mirror columns is inspired by the angles found in the surrounding architecture, just as the entire installation is taking up the architectural language of Neuer Kanzlerplatz somehow uniting the energy of the ensemble of buildings.

Mirror Pavilion Neuer Kanzlerplatz Bonn is intended for communication and dialogue, a meeting place in public space that radiates openness and thus makes everyone feel invited to get in touch with each other in an uncomplicated way. It allows visitors to move playfully within the sculpture and to experience the surroundings and themselves in a kaleidoscopic way.




Mirror Pavilion Neuer Kanzlerplatz Bonn

Year: 2023

Materials: high polished stainless steel, aluminium

Dimensions: ø 9,66 m, height: 4,40 m (99 mirror steles in different heights: 186 - 440 cm)


Photos: Art-Invest Real Estate, Studio Jeppe Hein, Margot Gottschling