Appearing Rooms

The work is a programmed water pavilion that comes across as a labyrinth made out of four outer water walls in the shape of a square which is sub-divided into smaller spaces by four independent walls within the structure. The 2,30-metre-high water walls randomly rise and fall, defining all possible right-angled configurations of the space in sequences of ten seconds before changing shape and appearance. The visitor is allowed to move within the structure from space to space, finding himself in differently shaped spaces inside, or suddenly on the outside, of the pavilion without any possibility to control or govern the confinement/exclusion.

Year: 2004
Materials: water, wood, iron grating, jets, electrical pumps, computer controller
Dimensions: 230 x 700 x 700 cm

Villa Manin, Passariano, IT, 2004
Tanz im August, Siemens Arts Program, Berlin, DE, 2005
Preston, UK, 2006
Art Basel 06, Basel, CH, 2006
Perth International Arts Festival and PICA - Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, AU, 2010
Please Touch the Art, Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY, USA, presented by Public Art Fund, 2015

Permanent Installations:
Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, London, UK, 2006
Expo Zaragoza, Zaragoza, ES, 2008